Constantine A. Murenin (cnst) wrote in cingular,
Constantine A. Murenin

moving to Canada, 14 months into a 24-month contract

Hi, I've signed up for Cingular Nation 450 Rollover Minutes plan in November 2006. This January 2008, I'm moving to study in Canada, so for the next final 10 months of the contract, I'll spends most of the time outside the US of A.

Apparently, from googling around it becomes somewhat obvious that the Cingular North America family of plans were discontinued a while ago. Ideally, I'd nonetheless prefer to switch to the Cingular North America for the extra 20 bucks a month, but as it doesn't appear that it is still being offered, I'm not at all excited about paying the standard termination fees or continuing to pay for the plan minutes I could no longer use.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Can I call their 800 number from Canada? :) Or the free 611 from the phone? ;)
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December 20 2007, 06:03:04 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  December 20 2007, 06:03:59 UTC

ETF may be refunded after providing proof of your new residence, with it not being in the AT&T coverage area. Ya might want to contact customer care and ask about it before you do anything. =) 800-331-0500

Oh, and I think you can call their 800# from Canada. 611 will get you customer service for whatever wireless carrier you are roaming on.
thanks for suggestions. So is calling 611 always free, even when you are roaming in Canada or even in Europe? Is there a way to confirm it without getting a bill? :)
611 is a free call. But as I said, if you are roaming off the AT&T network, you will get customer service for whatever network you are roaming on, rather than AT&T customer service. I'm not sure what 611 will get you in Europe, but I would imagine that it would get you a french/german/spanish/(whatever's applicable) operator. lol
"611 will get you customer service for whatever wireless carrier you are roaming on."

Hm, now that you've clarified it, I really don't think it'd be the case -- 611 number is Cingular's shortcut for the Customer Service, so if I call it whilst roaming, I'd either get an error message or Cingular's customer service. (If that wouldn't be the case, what would be the purpose of calling customer service of an unrelated company that couldn't help you with your account anyways?) Now, the question remains is whether or not I'm going to be charged for it. ;)
Most mobile companies use 611 for their customer service. If you're on their network, you will get their customer care... at least that's how it's worked any time I've been roaming. 611 is not exclusive to AT&T/Cingy.

The purpose in contacting customer service for a cell company you are roaming on would be to report/troubleshoot issues while on their network.

Again, 611 is a free call.