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MY review of the Quickfire...

Comming over from T-Mobile, using their purple Nokia Xpress Music 5300 (which I LOVE),

I got my orange Quickfire mid December 2008, the week before Christmas as a gift from my mom. I've had it almost six months now, I'm on my second warranty replacement, and I can honestly say, I wish my mom had chosen another phone for me. There was no way for her to know that it would have issues, etc. have not had any issues with my charger or phone overheating like everyone else did...I can see the arrow on the charger plug and didn't plug the damn thing in wrong...but I am being sent a new charger anyway. I asked for another phone since I heard a lot of customers were sent replacement phones other than the Quickfire...

-Large, backlit screen
-Great for texting, which I do a lot of since I my mom got me unlimited text.
-Solid slider design, no problems with it comming apart, etc.
-My battery life is great, i've had my phone off the charger using it as much as I would a home phone, and it lasts and lasts.

-No ways to add new themes, just the same blue and Grey...
-Can't assign ringers for phonebook entries unless they are saved to the phone, not sim.
-Volume on the highhest setting isn't very loud.
-It didn't come with a USB, or driver software for the USB, and once I did get one, drivers were installed and the Quickfire still didn't show up on my pc.
-Touch screen is mostly unresponsive, depending on the temp of my hands, and it does not respond to a stylus...
-Sadly, with the exception of custom ringers and wallpapers, there is not a lot of room for customization on the Quickfire...
-My phone randomly turns off anytime it feels like it...
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If u have recived to replacements for warrenty, they will switch you to a different phone. Not just any phone thouhg. They have price brackets that each phone belongs to. You usually get to choose from 5 diff phones. I know that the propel is one that is offered. Im not sure on others. I'd say u you would be better off switching it out before your warrenty period is up. If you try to do that, Warrenty refers to it as the 2 strike rule. Research the phones good before you choose, because you only can switch it out once. Hope this is helpful.
Ive asked for an entirely different phone, they wouldnt do it.
How many total quickfires have you had? 2 or 3? u have to have had a total of 3. THe one you purchsed, and then 2 actual replacements from warrenty. If u have had a total of 3 quickfires, and they still wont replace your phone, You need to ask to speak to a supervisor.
theres the one i bought, and i'm on my 2nd replacement. I'm about to give up[. I've been using this one that just came in and it hasn't had any problems-yet.
ok well once something goes wrong with the one u are using, they have to give you a different phone. It's called the two strike policy. My mom had a sony ericcson that she had switched out for something different. And I have done it also. They switched my pearl, for a curve. So don't give up. Once that one poops out, they will give u a different phone.
Im so glad I didnt get the quickfire when it came out like I wanted to. Lol
I would recommend calling XBM back and requesting a different phone, provided you are having issues with this replacement.

As mentioned with the previous poster, they usually will give you a different phone if you are calling in a third time, however, some of the 'cons' you have listed are personal issues, not device. The Quickfire was meant to be an entry level, basic quick messaging device, which usually means little to no 'extras' =(